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For every talented professional who is not native to North America, Communicating Your Competence offers a streamlined path to connecting “American style” in business, academic, and presentation situations.

To improve verbal and non-verbal delivery, the book provides highly-focused first-language-driven pronunciation exercises, techniques for subtle shifts in body language, and culturally appropriate patterns of idea expression, so that you can communicate your competence and the value of your ideas.

Communicating Your Competence - A Guide for Non-native Professionals In the North American Workplace
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If you are…
  • A practicing professional in a scientific or medical field;
  • An academic or visiting scholar in a North American university or other research institution;
  • Part of a diverse workforce in a global business;
  • An ex-pat in North American with management or team responsibilities among locally-born workers; or
  • Someone eager to improve professional prospects by finding work or advanced education in North America
…you will learn the “American style of communication” which directs the conduct of business and science throughout North America and around the world.

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Communicating Your Competence